風景を作り出す演奏と優しい歌声が溶け込んで出来る、その独特の雰囲気は様々な感覚を刺激する。2007年 自主製作盤アルバム「みどりのねこ」(現在は配信のみ)をリリース。
2009年 8月、埼玉県熊谷市でフリーペーパー「Hello♪」を創刊。
2010年 2枚目の自主製作盤「ゆいだいきと森の仲間たち」を発売。10月にはアメリカツアー(7都市7公演)を行い高い評価を得る。
2011年 埼玉県熊谷市のFMヤバイラジオ内の番組「ゆいだいきのシンポジウム」のパーソナリティとなる。
2012年 GUNMA ROCK FESTIVAL 2012に出演。
初監督作品映画「THE ME」を発表。ユナイテッドシネマ他、各所で上映される。
2014年 4月、2度目となるアメリカツアーを行う。
A one man orchestra with the acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, Pianica, empty cans, matches, etc.
Making music out of anything that produces sound with the use of the loop machine in live performances.
With his soft unique voice and atmosphere creating original performances, he stirs up various feelings in the hearts
of the listeners.
With the heart of a child, he still believes that somewhere a green cat exists, and that his closet is somehow
connected to an island in the south Pacific.As a small child, he was dropped accidentally by his father and received a blow to his head, resulting in a sudden interest in music.
As a first grade student, he started learning the piano. But, by the time he entered junior high school, he quit because soccer seemed more fun.  However, instead of soccer, he entered his school’s basketball club. Also, he put together a band which he continued with all through junior high and high school, a total of 6 years. He was the band’s drummer.
Upon graduation from university, he released a demo album called “Hitoriyogari” which marked the beginning of his musical career.
2007  12 song full album “Midori no neko” is released nationwide. (Still available by download.) Enters TOWER Records Shinjuku’s Best of the Week chart.
2008  “Hitoriyogari 2″ is released. That winter, in an attempt at self-improvement, he completely cut of his very long hair which was 10cm below his chest.
2009  Nothing changes.  In August, he started a free newspaper in Kumagaya, Saitama called “Hello♪”
2010  2nd full album “Yui Daiki to mori no nakamatachi” is released. In October, he went on a 7 city, 7 concert tour of the USA receiving high acclaim.
2011  Becomes a radio personality in Kumagaya, Saitama with the show called “Yui Daiki’s Symposium”
2012  Suddenly produces a movie for the 1st time: “THE ME”. It is screened in various locations including United Cinemas.
2013  Completely reforms a house by himself. After working at it for a year, he moves in.  Discovers a love for donkeys along the way.
2014  Spring.  Began his 2nd tour of the USA.
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